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Wills and Estates Lawyer in Burnaby, B.C.

Law is simpler if you have an experienced wills and estates lawyer. B.C. Laws pertaining to estates and properties are pretty straightforward and neutral in the way they would dispense your property after you - and this may not be something you would be happy about. After all, in the absence of a will, your properties may go to relatives who you may not like or don't even know, even a relative in another country - and the people you care about will have no say in the matter in the absence of a strong will.

James K. Fraser is an experienced wills and estates lawyer in Burnaby, B.C., having practiced for over 37 years now. A good lawyer can help you make a fail-proof will that will prevent manipulation or misuse of the terms of the will.


In addition, an experienced lawyer also uses his/her experience to foresee possible problems in the future to ensure that the Will can withstand such complications. As a result, you will be leaving your heirs a Will that helps them get what they are meant to in a shorter time, with greater ease and lesser cost.

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